We commit ourselves to Zero Defects in our everyday operations. Using the latest technologies around automation is critical in our pursuit of perfection. We call it “Rothenbuhler Remote” – our unique automated ability to monitor and control all of our processes hands-free, from anywhere. Here are a few more of our guiding principles by which we operate daily:

  • To create cheese products so exceptional in taste, customers knock down the door to acquire more. That vision is what drives us to make world-class cheese varieties.
  • To continuously implement “Best Productivity” practices in all our production. That means being the most productive in pounds per person at one site.
  • To be profitable and “Debt-Free” by internally financing operations and projects.
  • To incorporate and abide by a “Green” culture, being wise stewards of God’s earth. Our respect and responsibility towards our planet extend to how we interact with our suppliers, associates, customers, and community.